The Sport of Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is an underwater sport wherein teams of competitors using underwater cameras dive into the ocean at the same time over a period of two days.  This sport is governed by Confederation des Activities Subaquatiques.

The sport was developed in the 80’s as a photographic film event. This sport is known as Photo Sub in French, and Fotosub in Spanish. Preservation of underwater resources is important in this sport, if a competitor touched living sea creatures, he/she will be disqualified.  

The safety of the competitors is also important; they should equip themselves with a buoyancy compensator, a surface marking system, and a dicing regulator. The finished products (the photos) are then submitted to a set of judges—which comprises of seven persons— this will then be assessed and ranked using a maximum of five categories.

This sport is usually practiced in non-English speaker countries. There have been several international competitions for this sport which started in 1985.

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