Croquet (Wickets)

Croquet is a sport in which the objective is to hit plastic or wooden balls using a mallet, the balls must go through hoops (known as wickets in the United States).

Croquet is usually played in a grass court. There are different kinds of croquet being played today; it differs in scoring systems, order of shots, and layout. There are only two forms in which the rules are agree internationally and are played worldwide, association croquet and golf croquet.

In association croquet, the game involves four balls; these balls are teamed in pairs. Both balls should go through every hoop for a pair to win. The distinguishing feature of association croquet is the croquet shot: when a ball hits the other balls, there are extra shots allowed. In golf croquet, if the first ball will go through every hoop, then a hoop is won. There are no extra turns for hitting other balls unlike association croquet.

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