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Football (General)

Football is a popular sport also known by many other names like for instance soccer and many more. These different variations of football are basically known as the football codes. In general, football is played between two teams consisting of 11 to 18 players. There are also some other variations of this sport in which there are less number of players on each team.

There is a clearly defined area with two goal posts one on both sides in which both teams have to play and score goals. You will be able to score a point or goal by moving the ball to the opposing team’s end of the field. Goals are scored by the players putting the ball between the two goal posts.

Players will have to move the ball depending on the code which could be like by kicking, carrying and hand passing the ball to the other player. Players are only allowed to use their body to move the ball. There are also some codes of football which include catching, kicking, tackling and passing.

Common Football Codes

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