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Excessive Prize Money to Tennis Players

January 16th, 2012 · 2 Comments · Grand Slam Tennis, Tennis

The 2012 Australian Tennis Open starts today, and is set to offer the highest prize money in the history of Grand Slam tennis around the world. The total prize pool will be A$26 million, with the men’s and women’s champions taking home a record A$2.3 million (US$2.18 million) each. Does that sound excessive to you? It may be because I am not a great tennis fan, but I cannot see why we need to give them that much.  As it is a grand slam event, you don’t need to offer large amounts to entice players to come and play.  The winner of any tennis grand slam event will probably boost their off court earnings more than that anyway by being more marketable. Some of you probably will not agree with my next comment (and that’s OK). Another thing that bugs me is that the event organizers have decided that both the men’s and women’s champions will earn the same amount (in 2007 Wimbledon decided to do the same), despite more interest in the men’s side of the tournament, with longer more entertaining games, and consequently better revenue raising potential. I’ll still be watching the men’s final, and afterwards I hope they can give a little back of their millions to the grass roots of their sport.

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  • Tennis Fan

    hey, I totally agree. Anyone who watched the mens and womens singles finals at the Australian Open would have to agree too. The women’s match was over in a second, one-sided and boring. The men’s match was totally the opposite, one of the greatest tennis finals ever, extreme athletes Nadal and Djokovic at their best in a six hour marathon. They earnt every penny in their prize money, the women did not. This is not a sexist comment, purely based on entertainment value.

  • jack

    hi there my name is jack and i think the way you talk about us tennis players is disgracful