The component of fitness most important for success in tennis?

There are a range of fitness components that contribute to successful tennis performance. More than one is usually important, though in this poll we ask you only to nominate what you consider the most important fitness component. For a relative rating of some fitness components for tennis, see the results of a previous tennis poll.

Which of these components of fitness is the most important for success in tennis?

Agility 387 35%
Balance and Coordination 207 19%
Speed / Quickness 193 18%
Cardiovascular Endurance 96 9%
Muscular Endurance 69 6%
Power 69 6%
Muscle Strength 33 3%
Flexibility 25 2%
Body Size and Composition 21 2%

Total votes: 1100

Disclaimer: These polls are not scientific and reflect only the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.

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