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World's Most Popular Sports - Voted

Which sports are the most popular sports around the world? It will depend on who you ask! The mostpopularsports website has ranked sports based on website popularity. They also run a poll on their website, which provides another ranking of sports. Interestingly, the order is quite different. Although the same sports are in the top five, basketball is higher than cricket in the voting.

The list below is based on the data from website (updated in 2020). The list order takes into account the population of countries and are based on general surveys/discussions on the internet.

The top ranked sport is Association football, as is the case in most similar lists. There is also not too many who disagree that cricket and basketball are the next two most popular sports around the world. Not everyone will agree with the rest of the list, add your view to the comments below.

  1. Football (Soccer) 33%
  2. Basketball 14%
  3. Cricket 13%
  4. Tennis 6%
  5. Baseball 5%
  6. Volleyball 4%
  7. Rugby 4%
  8. American Football 3%
  9. Golf 2%
  10. Ice Hockey 2%


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