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Most Popular Searched Sports in Canada

There are regional differences in the popularity of sports. Here is a discussion and list of the most popular searched sports in Canada, using online searches as the measure of popularity. See more on Canada's most popular sport.

Popular Sports Search Terms in Canada

Here are the most searched for sports names in Canada, useful to gage the relative popularity of particular sports. The data is collected over a four year period to account for the effect of annual events and other major events that may occur every four years. For this list only the search popularity of sports names or words describing a group of sports or major league (e.g. football, nfl) is included.

Rank Sport Search Volume Notes
1 hockey 100 ice hockey not field hockey
2 soccer 40  
3 nfl 25 US National Football League
4 ufc 25 Ultimate Fighting
5 basketball 15  
6 tennis 10  
7 mlb 10 Major League Baseball


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