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Greatest 'Athlete' To Play Baseball

Baseball is not known for its supreme athletes, but that does nit mean there has not been some exceptional athletes to play the game. A poll for The Greatest Baseball Athlete of All Time was conducted on the ESPN Sport Science website in 2012. The voting was based on the best athlete (not player) who has a combination of strength, speed, endurance, quickness, durability and the other attributes that make an athlete elite. See more about the ESPN Sport Science poll to determine the Greatest Athlete of All Time. See also our discussion of the greatest ever Baseball player.


Who is the greatest Baseball athlete of all time?

  1. Barry Bonds — 762 career HRs, including the MLB record 73 in 2001. Seven-time Most Valuable Player.
  2. Rickey Henderson — MLB record holder with 1,406 stolen bases. Scored a record 2,295 runs during his 25-year career.
  3. Willie Mays — 660 career home runs and 12-time Gold Glove winner. Also played basketball and football.
  4. Albert Pujols — Fastest player to reach 400 career HRs.
  5. Babe Ruth — Held the MLB career record in HRs from 1921 to 1974.

And the winner is ...

possibly the greatest all-around baseball player, Willie Mays

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