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The World's Highest Paid Athletes List 2017

Below is the top 10 of the highest earning sports people for 2017, taken from the annual list “The World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes” published by Forbes magazine in June 2017.

The top earner for this year is Real Madrid and Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, the same as last year. His earnings have increased from 88 to 93 million USD. The top five placed athletes were also in the top five last year.

The earnings totals (in US dollars) are derived from salaries, bonuses, prize money, appearance fees, licensing and endorsement income in the 12 months from May 1, 2016 to May 1, 2017. Taxes or agents' fees are not factored into the figures. See also the Forbes top earning lists from other years.

Top-10 Highest Earning Sports people from 2017

Rank Name Sport Nationality Earnings ($ million) Previous Year
1 Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Portugal 93.0 1
2 LeBron James Basketball USA 86.2 3
3 Lionel Messi Soccer Argentina 80 2
4 Roger Federer Tennis Switzerland 64 4
5 Kevin Durant Basketball USA 60.6 5
=6 Andrew Luck American Football USA 50  
=6 Rory McIlroy Golf Northern Ireland 50 17
8 Stephen Curry Basketball USA 47.3  
9 James Harden Basketball USA 46.6  
10 Lewis Hamilton auto racing UK 46  

Next on the list were: Drew Brees, Phil Mickelson, Russell Westbrook, Sebastian Vettel, Damian Lillard, Novak Djokovic, Tiger Woods, Neymar, Dwyane Wade, Fernando Alonso.

Highest Ranked For Each Sport in 2017

The highest ranked from each sport is listed below. After Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao filled the top two positions in 2015, the top ranked boxer was Canelo Alvarez at just 43rd.

Sport Overall Rank Name earning ($ million)
Soccer 1 Cristiano Ronaldo 93
Basketball 2 LeBron James 86.2
Tennis 4 Roger Federer 64
American Football =6 Andrew Luck 50
Golf =6 Rory McIlroy 50
Auto Racing 10 Lewis Hamilton 46.0
Track and Field 23 Usain Bolt 34.2
MMA 24 Conner McGregor 34
Baseball 28 Clayton Kershaw 33.3
Boxing 43 Canelo Alvarez 28.5
Cricket 89 Virat Kohli 22

source: from “The World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes” published by Forbes magazine in May 2017.

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