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Camel Jumping is the traditional sport in Yemen. Literally, one must jump over camels. And it’s not just one camel we’re discussing here; it’s a row of camels. The one who leaps over the most number of camels is considered the winner. This is the traditional sport of Yemen and local celebrations aren’t complete without it. Now, with modernization, this sport has been gradually forgotten and the men of the Zaraniq tribe are left in to relive Yemen’s very own, unique, and traditional sport.

However, along with the new generation, Yemenis have come to love football, and it is now the most popular sport in the country. The sport is run by the Yemen Football Association that administers the Yemen National Football team, as well as the Yemeni League. Unfortunately, its national team has never won a championship. The country even hosted the 2010 Gulf Cup of Nations in Aden but still did not snag the top prize.

Ali Al-Nono was named to be the best Yemeni footballer for his exceptional skills and plays as a striker for Al-Ahli San’a. Why not, he is just the captain of Yemen National Football team and the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Yemeni League. Yemen has only joined the Summer Olympic Games since 1992. Unfortunately, they have never won any medals.

Camel Jumping in YemenCamel Jumping in Yemen. Still image from the Camel Jumping Video

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