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A wide range of games are played in Venezuela such as baseball and football. For them, sports is an integral part of the cultural life of the Venezuelans.

Their festivals are not complete without "Toros Coleados" or "Bull-Tailing". This game is the country’s own equine sport and is their traditional sport. It involves four riders and they have to fight, wrestle, and grapple among the other players to get the bull’s tail and pull it down while riding a horse. It can be somewhat dangerous but one must admit that these coleaderos (the riders) are very adept in riding a horse and dauntless as the bulls.

Baseball, however is the most popular game in Venezuela and is said that the country produces skilled baseball players such as Luis Aparicio and Miguel Cabrera. The latter is currently a baseman for the Detroit Tigers and is regarded to the first Triple Crown winner in 45 years. This man has almost 2,000 hits before he reach age 31 which is quite impressive. In addition to that, The National Venezuelan Baseball team is also regarded as one the most competent teams that plays world-class baseball.

Since we’ve been talking world-class now, Venezuela’s National Football team has been representing their country and also has gained world-class recognition. Now, even the young ones are taking interest in the sport. For tennis, Venezuelans are looking forward to the Venezuelan Fed Cup and Venezuelan Davis Cup which will be held in their country and their players will be going up against North Americans.

Venezuela first joined the Olympic Games in 1948 and has won a total of twelve Olympic medals, five of which came from boxing (including 2012).

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