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Located in the northernmost part of the Africa, Tunisia has a varied geography containing the eastern part of the Atlas Mountains and the northern part of the Sahara. However, with most of the country being very fertile land, the Tunisian people have come to enjoy many things and one of their greatest passions is of course sports.

And when it comes to sports in Tunisia, football is king. Their national team, The Eagles of Carthage, took the 2004 African Cup of Nations which they hosted. They have also played in the FIFA World Cup four times.

If football is the king in the hearts of Tunisia, handball is undoubtedly the prince. Their national team has participated in many Handball World Championships and they even hosted the 2005 Handball World Championship where they finished in fourth place. They have also won the African Cup a staggering 9 times. The last time they took the top place was in 2018.

Horse racing in Tunisia Horse racing in Tunisia

Basketball is also experiencing quite a revival in Tunisia mostly fueled by their win in the 2011 FIBA Africa Championship which is rarely won by a North African country.

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