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For the past several years, Boxing has remained the top choice of sports for Puerto Ricans along with baseball and basketball. Puerto Ricans have a strong tradition of road running races. Many important racing events are held every year in the island, including the Marathon de San Blas in Coamo and the Ponce Marathon.

Aristedes Gonzales, of Puerto Rico, boxes Joon-Sup Shin of South Korea during the 1984 Summer OlympicsAristedes Gonzales, of Puerto Rico, boxes Joon-Sup Shin of South Korea during the 1984 Summer Olympics

Puerto Ricans have have been strong in both amateur and professional in boxing. Nero Chen became the first Puerto Rican professional boxer to gain international recognition. Puerto Rico was also the site of many championship fights.

Other notable Puerto Rican boxers include Wilfredo Gomez, Félix "Tito" Trinidad, Miguel Cotto, Wilfred Benítez, Héctor "Macho" Camacho, Edwin "El Chapo" Rosario, and Carlos Ortíz.Juan Evangelista Venegas Trinidad was a Puerto Rican boxer notable for winning Puerto Rico's first Olympic medal.

Other well-known sports in Puerto Rico include American football, baseball, fencing and horse racing.

The 1948 Summer Olympics in London is a remarkable event for Puerto Ricans because it was the very first time that they would participate as a country in a major international sports competition and the 1988 Winter Olympics was held in Alberta, Canada was the first time that a Puerto Rican team was sent to represent the island in an Olympic ski competition.

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