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Jordan, as with many Middle Eastern country has a love affair with football. Football, or soccer, is played everywhere from Khalda to Al Hashimi Al-Janoobial. As a matter of fact, you will not have a hard time to find a very good football player in pretty much every street. The popularity of football can largely be attributed to the improvements in its national football team. In 2004, they took on the 37th spot in FIFA. Football is quite popular even with the young and there are various youth leagues in the country that are managed by their national football league.

There are also other sports that are gaining grounds in the Jordan sports scene such as Rugby. Jordan has participated in international test matches like Lebanon in 2010. Basketball is one of the biggest rising sports and has improved Jordan’s relationship with other countries in the region. 

Handball and volleyball are also quite popular team sports. There are also a lot of individual sports that are getting quite an audience in Jordan such as Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and swimming. Cycling is not that popular yet but is slowly being recognized by the Jordanian population.

Jordan have been a part of the Olympic Summer Games since 1984 but, just like most Middle Eastern countries, they have never competed in the Winter Games.

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