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Guinea-Bissau is another West African country that has the name of its capital, Bissau, added to the name of the country to distant itself from the French Guinea of Guinea-Conarky.

Football is the biggest sport in Guinea-Bissau just like most African country. The Guinea-Bissau national football team first entered the FIFA World Cup qualifications in 1998 through a two game match with Guinea-Conarky. The first match was held in Estadio 24 de Setembro in Bissau which they won and the second leg was held in Strade du 28 Septembre in Guinea-Conarky which they lost.

Football is not only popular among the men, their women's national football team has played in two FIFA-regulated matches in 2006. Although football for women in Africa encounters various problems, Guinea-Bissau has managed it with the help of FIFA.

Athletics is also a popular sport in Guinea-Bissau, especially track and field. Holder da Silva is one of the most recognizable name in Guinea-Bissau's track and field scene. Guinea-Bissau has been part of the Summer Olympic Games since 1996 and is yet to send athletes to the Winter Olympic Games which is typical to most African countries. As of the 2012 London Summer Games, Guinea-Bissau is yet to receive its first Olympic medal.

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