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The Cayman Islands is an overseas territory of Great Britain and is consist of three islands which includes the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman which is northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba in the west Caribbean Sea.

When someone mentions the Cayman Islands, one might think of financial establishments but they do play a wide array of sports like rugby, netball, volleyball, cricket, squash, basketball, softball and tennis but football is by far the most popular and is in fact their national sport.

Their national football team for football, rugby, cricket and other sports enabled the Cayman Islands to be official members international sports organizations like FIFA, Pan American Sports Organization, and the International Olympic Committee. The Cayman Islands is also members of various sport committees like the International Cricket Council. Their national cricket team has represented the territory in various matches and played at List A, first-class and Twenty20 levels.

The Cayman Islands has been competing in the Summer Olympic Games since 1976 and missing only the 1980 Moscow Games when they joined the US-led boycott of the Games. In 2010, they first joined the Winter Olympic Games but are yet to win an Olympic medal.

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