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Traditionally, Bulgaria love wrestling and rhythmic gymnastics but lately, they are getting their foot on other athletic sports like sprinting.

But when it comes to what is the most popular sport, it will depend on who you ask. Skiing is very popular since Bulgaria has a lot of beautiful mountain areas.

But if you ask city goers and the younger population, soccer and basketball takes the cake. Either way, Bulgaria has a very healthy sport-oriented atmosphere and is one of the world's sport super powers. Volleyball is also a strong point of Bulgaria taking the fourth place in the world as per FIVB rankings. When it comes to volleyball, Bulgarians are never out of the top 10 list and recently, names like Matey Kaziyski, Plamen Konstantinov and Vladimir Nikolov are always mentioned.

Soccer is a big part of the Bulgarian sport mystique being a consistent contended in the world stage like the FIFA World Cup. When it comes to soccer and Bulgaria, some names that are always mentioned include Dimitar Berbatov, Georgi Asparuhov, and Hristo Stoichkov. Georgi Asparuhov and Hristo Stoichkov have also won the European Golden Boot (top scorer) award along with another Bulgarian Petar Jekov. 

There are simply too many Bulgarian athletes to mention when it comes to international fame. Bulgaria as a nation has participated in Summer Olympic Games since 1924 except in 1932, 1948 and of course 1984 when they joined the Soviet-led boycott of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. All in all, they have taken 2200 Olympic medals (up until 2014) with wrestling and weightlifting as their strongest events.

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