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Brunei is a relatively strict state when it comes to many things and is mostly an Islamic country. It is mostly a Malay (Dayaks, Dusuns and Kedazans) populated state and some Indians and Chinese. When it comes to sports, Brunei is also one of the bottom performers but they did improve since 1999.

They enjoy football and basketball quite a lot. They have hosted various international basket tournaments like the Shell Rimula Challenge Trophy which was taken by the Suncity Dragons in 2005 and the Sultan's Cup which is an invitational tournament for East Asian teams. The San Miguel team from the Philippines won it in 2005.

Brunei is also quite fond of marathons and as a matter of fact, it holds the highest priced marathons in Asia with a purse or well over half a million dollars. They also hold part of the Asian Golf Tour, the Brunei Open and is one of the most beautiful stops in the tour.

Brunei has not been a large part of the Olympics since they joined the Games in 1988 wherein they sent only 1 official and no athlete. In the 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympics, they sent only one athlete each time and sent 3 athletes in 2008. They were not able to join the 2004 Beijing Olympics due to failing to register athletes with the International Olympic Committee. It goes without saying that Brunei is yet to take home any Olympic medals.

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