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Soccer has the same level as religion for Bolivians. So much so that it not unusual for fans to get into some serious physical altercations over what happened in the match. Some will say that this is the definition of “for the love of the game” while say that it is plain crazy. Either way, there is no denying the fact that they are soccer fans.

Traditionally though, Bolivians like games that are more “rural” like trompo and palo ensebao which are usually played during their festivals.

But when it comes to soccer, things do get serious. They even have devised a version of soccer that can be played indoors. They call it “fútbol de salon” which is usually played on a basketball court with a smaller ball, smaller goals and with five or six people on each team.

The Bolivian national soccer team has been representing the country in international competitions since 1926 but sadly has not advanced past the initial round of any World Cup. However, Bolivia has produced its fair share of athletes like Marco Antonio “El Diablo” Etcheverry and Erwin Sánchez, both of whom were trained in the Tachuichi Aguilera Soccer Academy, Bolivia’s factory of outstanding soccer players.

Bolivia has sent athletes to the Olympic Games since 1936. They have an almost perfect attendance on all Summer Olympic Games since 1964 except for when they joined the 1980 boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games. The country is yet to win an Olympic medal but their National sub-15 football team did win the gold in Singapore 2010 at the Youth Olympic Games.

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