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Andorra is a relatively small country and as a matter of fact, it is the sixth smallest country in Europe. But when it comes to sports, Andorra is quite interested in various contact sports. Their traditional sport is Rugby, due to the influence of its popularity in the southern France area and the Andorra national rugby union team has made quite an impression on the international stage.

Football is by far the most popular game in Andorra and the Andorra national football team has competed internationally but with little success mainly due to the state's relatively small talent pool. Their internationally competing football team (FC Andorra) which was founded in 1942 and based in Andorra la Vella plays in the Spanish football league. Basketball is starting to pick up popularity since the early 90's when their BC Andorra played in the Liga ACB, the top basketball leagues in Spain.

Andorra has been a consistent participant in the Winter Olympic Games since they joined the Olympic Games in 1976. They also are part of the Games of the Small States of Europe and have hosted it in 1991 and 2005. Other popular sports in Andorra include roller hockey, volleyball, cycling, handball, gymnastics, swimming, motorsports, tennis and judo.

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