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All-In-One Fitness Testing Machines

There are many different pieces of fitness testing equipment designed for the hundreds of fitness tests. For those short on space, there are also some single machines designed to conduct a range of fitness tests. I have described a couple of these below. We don't sell these, this information is provided to make you aware that such devices exist.

TG303A - iDong Fitness Test Machine

all in one fitness test machine

This piece of equipment is designed for the subject to perform all tests themselves without a coach or personal trainer present.The iDong Fitness Test Machine can complete 13 test items with no staff attended. Users follow the instructions and video displayed on the screen, and to perform all tests takes 20 minutes.

The test items that the iDong Fitness Test Machine can do include height, weight, vital capacity, reaction time, balance, handgrip strength, sit-up, push-up, vertical jump, sit and reach flexibility, step test, recovery heart rate, blood pressure and body composition analysis.


  1. Time and space saving design, 20 minutes for full test;
  2. Self service design, clear audio and video guidance;
  3. Automatic incorrect movement correction;
  4. Instant test report printing and also available by email;
  5. Friendly interface, easy to learn and use.

cost: US $4,000+

produced by iDong and TAISHAN SPORTS GROUP

Polar TriFit 700 System

Polar'sĀ® all in one TriFit 700 System assessment tool was designed specifically for the education market. It was released in 2000, and may not still be available.

Polar trifit all in one fitness test machine

The PolarĀ® TriFit 700 has everything needed to easily assess and track fitness levels and develop customized health and fitness portfolios. The system includes the Polar computer, assessment software, monitor, printer, cart, body weight platform, isometric strength system, modified sit-and-reach station, skinfold caliper, and wireless Polar heart rate system.

Assessments include:

Price: US $4,700+

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