Holistic index of Fitness, Sporting Talent & Aptitude (HiFSTA)

It is difficult to define fitness, and equally difficult to measure it. This has not deterred Sunil Phadke from the Center for Holistic Education and Development, who has developed a methodology for creating a fitness index for school children, called the Holistic index of Fitness, Sporting Talent & Aptitude (HiFTSA). A paper on this topic was submitted at the International Conference on Futuristic trends in Sports held in India in January 2013.

After initially identifying the parameters of fitness in school aged children and conducting tests to collect data from participants, he developed a computer program to combine data from 6 groups to create a single fitness index value. 

A value of 1 means the child is just (normal) fit. With further refinement, the algorithm could be applied to all ages and population groups. He is also working on creating a Sports Ability Index, which can be used for fundamental sports talent search and assessing the current status of the child. 


Unfortunately the website that we had for Sunil Phadke and the Holistic index of Fitness, Sporting Talent & Aptitude (HiFSTA) is no longer available.


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