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Ten-pin bowling in other Languages

The sport we know as ten-pin bowling is not necessarily called by the same name around the world. Here are the names for ten-pin bowling in many of the languages of the world. The names are taken from the Wikipedia page for ten-pin bowling in each of these languages. You will notice that many of the sport names are mostly just 'bowling' or something similar.

Name by Language

Language Name for the sport of ten-pin bowling
Arabic بولينج بعشرة دبابيس
Armenian Բոուլինգ
Asturian Bowling
Bulgarian Боулинг
Cantonese 十樽保齡
Chinese 保齡球
Czech Bowling
Danish Bowling
Dutch Bowlen
English Ten-pin bowling
Esperanto Bovlingo
Faroese Bowling
Finnish Keilailu
French Bowling
Galician Birlos
Georgian ბოულინგი
German Bowling
Haitian Bolin
Hebrew כדורת
Hungarian Bowling
Indonesian Boling
Italian Bowling
Japanese ボウリング
Javanese Boling
Korean 볼링
Latvian Boulings
Malay Boling sepuluh pin
Minangkabau Boling
Norwegian Bowling
Norwegian Bowling
Polish Bowling
Portuguese Boliche
Romanian Bowling
Russian Боулинг
Serbian Kuglanje na deset čunjeva
Silesian Kryngle
Slovak Bowling
Sorani Kurdish بۆڵینگ
Spanish Bowling
Sundanese Boling
Swedish Bowling
Tamil பத்துப்பின் பௌலிங்
Thai โบว์ลิ่ง
Ukrainian Боулінг
Vietnamese Bowling
Welsh Bowlio deg

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