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Bowling Facilities and Sizes

Lane Dimensions

Lane Length
The overall length of a regulation lane is 62 feet 10 3/16ths inches measuring from the foul line to the pit (Not including the tail plank). It must be 60 feet from the foul line to the center of the No. 1 pin spot with a tolerance of 1/2 inch permitted. It must be 2 feet 10 3/16ths inches from the center of the No. 1 pin spot to the pit (Not including the tail plank).

Lane Width
The lane shall be between 41 and 42 inches in width. The lane plus the gutters shall not be less than 60 inches nor more than 60 1/4 inches wide.

Lane Surface
The surface must be free of all continuous grooves. A maximum 40/1000th inch will be permitted in levelness and depth depression.

Lane Approach
Extending back from and exclusive of the foul line there shall be a clear level approach of not less than 15 feet in length. A tolerance of 1/4 inch is permitted on depth depression of grooves.

The Pin Deck
The tail plank must be a Maximum of 2 inches in width and the back line of pins are 3 inches further on. Each pin is 12 inches from its neighbor in any direction (as measured from the center of each pin) so the pins are in an equilateral triangle with the head pin 34 and 3/16ths inches from the tail board. 

pin placementBowling Pins

Pin Composition: Pins are shaped from Maple wood, which is then coated with a 3/32-inch-thick layer of plastic.

Pin Weight: The pins weigh between 3 lb 6 oz and 3 lb 10 oz.

Pin Positions: The diagram to the right indicates the pin numbering system that is commonly used.

The size and dimensions of each pin is illustrated in the diagram below.

bowling pin dimensions

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