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Tennis Court Dimensions

Overall dimensions

The singles tennis court is measures 27 ft wide by 78 ft long. The doubles court is slightly wider, 36 ft wide while being the same length as the singles court.

The Service Court

The service court fits inside the singles width of the court (27 feet wide) and extends back from the net 21 feet.

The service court is divided in half with a center line marking the left and right service courts.

The Net

The tennis net is 3 feet 6 inches high at the ends, and 3 feet high at the middle. Typically the net poles are placed 3 feet outside the outer lines of the doubles court, making the net length a total of 42 feet from pole to pole.

Distance from other Courts and Fencing

There is a need for extra room outside the court dimensions for players to move. Although this distance is not set, it is suggested to have a distance of a 12 foot perimeter on each side of the sidelines and 21 feet from each baseline to the surrounding fence or next court.

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