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Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying, also called wingsuiting, is a variation of skydiving. In this sport, a person will fly in the air using a special jumpsuit called the wingsuit. This wingsuit comprises of two arms wings and a leg wing which has inflatable pressurized nylon cells.

The modern wingsuits were developed in the 90’s. They are sometimes referred to as birdman suits and flying squirrel suits. In wingsuiting, the wingusiter uses his or her body to control the direction, speed, and lift. A wingsuiter may jump from a plane or a mountain. Usually, at the end of wingsuiting, a parachute is used. The wingsuiter should use a parachute designed for sky diving or base-jumping.

wingsuit flyer wingsuit flyer

The fastest wingsuit flight record is held by pilot Shin Ito, with 363 km/h. Jhonathan Florez, a Colombian skydiver, set the record for the longest and highest time in windsuiting. It took nine minutes and six seconds; and the highest altitude which was 11,358 meters.


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