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Beach Flags

Beach Flags is a sport which is practiced predominantly by surf lifesavers, in which, the objective is to test their reflexes and sprinting ability on the beach sand. The sport is popular in Australia and New Zealand.

The game is played with a series of flags that are inserted into the sand in a single row. Typically short pieces of hosepipe are used as flags. Before the start of the race, competitors are in a face down position, facing away from the row of flags which are placed about 20 meters away.

At the start signal, competitors stand up and race towards the row of flags to grab hold of a flag. The number of flags will always be less than the number of competitors, and the one who does not get a flag is eliminated. Rounds progress by removing one flag per round, until only one person remains with a flag.

The competitors have the freedom to pick any of the flags. Though some degree of jostling is allowed, deliberately impeding other competitors results in disqualification. If an athlete rises before the start signal, it is considered as a false start. False starts result in immediate disqualification, however for juniors, only the second false start results in disqualification.


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