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Paddleball (one wall)

It’s an American ball game in which a small rubber ball is hit against a single wall with the help of a solid paddle. This outdoor game is usually played by two people (singles) or by four people (doubles). Paddleball (one wall) sport tournaments are held under the administrative rules of American Paddleball Association.

As a general rule, the hitting ball must touch the wall without touching the floor of the court more than once for a valid rally. Black, blue and green balls are normally used to play this game. Originally, wooden paddles were used but now, you can have paddles made of graphite and titanium materials.

It is very much popular in California, Florida, New York, Puerto Rico New Jersey and also in Connecticut. Although indoor courts to play one-wall paddleball are rare in United States but they do exist at some places.

It is necessary for the team to be serving in order to score a point. Service is done in succession and opponent will get the turn to serve if first server’s team loses the play. This game consists of 15, 21 and 25 points and a team must win by two-points like 22, 20 or 21, 19.

This game is actually originated from American handball in which gloved palm or bare hands are used instead of paddles. The rest of the rules are all the same.


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