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Klootschieten is a game played commonly in the Netherlands and the East Frisia region of Germany. This game requires that the participants throw the ball as far as they can. The ball used for playing Klootschieten is called kloot.

This game is played in three different styles namely field, street and standing style.

In the field version of Klootschieten, the team has to reach a patch of grass with the fewest throws. The field kloot is made of wood and lead and is 7-8 cm in diameter. There are curves and difference of heights in the course and the real skill is to ensure the ball reaches the patch of grass in the minimum number of throws

In the street version of this game, the rules are similar to field version but the course changes from field to street and the ball is heavier. The ball has to be kept away from gutters and long grass.

In the standing style, the main aim is to make sure the ball travels in the air as far as possible. As soon as the ball hits the ground, the measurement of the throw also ends.

Boßeln or Bosseln is a similar sport played in Germany. In Ireland, road bowling is played which is quite similar to Klootschieten. Klootshieten is actually the German name for standing style.


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