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Kickball, initially called as kick baseball, is a sport that was derived from baseball, where players kick the ball, instead of striking it with a bat. The sport originated in the United States and is currently played in a few other countries.

The sport is played on softball fields. Similar to baseball, three bases, a home plate, and the pitcher's mound are all used for game play. An inflated rubber ball is used, which is about 16 inch in diameter, and is the only required equipment.

Base running and scoring is similar to that of baseball, where players have to run around all the bases, after kicking the ball. One complete round around the bases is considered as a run. Players can be tagged out while they are in between two bases. Players are also declared out if the opposing team catches the ball on the full.

Similar to baseball, matches are played in an innings format, where in each inning, both teams get to kick the ball and score runs. The number of innings a match is played for is dependent on the league or what is accepted between the two teams.

Kickball is mostly played by young kids at a recreational level.


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