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Hunting is an activity which involves the act of tracking and killing animals. Hunting gained wide popularity with several people taking part, which eventually lead the way for a sport to evolve out of it. Most hunters use guns for hunting, but other types of weapons are used as well.

There are no official organizations or specific rules for the sport of hunting. Hunters target animals of all sizes. The guidelines for the sport are what is permissible by law in the jurisdiction where hunting takes place. Laws usually restrict the species of birds and animals that can be legally hunted. Some locations allow hunting for a fee which in turn is used for animal conservation. Hunting as a sport has no winners or awards, it is purely for recreational purposes where hunters kill animals and retain their heads as trophies.

The sport of hunting has severe criticism from several animal conservationist groups on moral and conservation grounds. Some of the organizations that have raised criticisms are, In Defense of Animals, PETA, and League Against Cruel Sports. There are also organizations like, The National Wildlife Federation, The Wildness Society, and North American Wildlife Foundation that have supported the sport of hunting for trophies. There has been attempts by both groups to develop systems that ensure the sport does not disrupt the ecology.

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