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Six-man Football

Six-man football is a modification of American football in which instead of having 11 members, it has 6 members. This game was invented by a teacher from Chester, Nebraska who wanted high school students to play football. This game was also coined as a special Plains phenomenon because most states that succeeded in this game are Plains states - Texas, Nebraska, and Colorado are few of them.

Most of the rules are the same as in 11-man football except of the following:

  1. The field measures 80 yards by 40 yards, smaller than the regular football;
  2. Every field goal is four points;
  3. The ball cannot be advanced on a run until a second exchange is made (the first exchange is snapped from the center);
  4. Each player can catch a forward pass;
  5. First downs are 15 yards instead of 10 yards;
  6. The attempt after touchdown is reversed – 2 points for a kick, 1 point for a run or pass; and lastly,
  7. If a team is leading by 45 points at the half time or in the second half, it ends the game and they win the game.

A quarter’s length is 10 minutes, between quarters is 2 minutes and between halves is 15 minutes.


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