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Wheelchair Dancing

Wheelchair Dancing is a little known competitive sport in which one or all of the participants of a team perform dance routines while riding on a wheelchair. It originated in Sweden in 1968 as a recreational activity and a form of rehabilitation, and its popularity led the way for a competitive sport to be developed within a decade. Today, Wheelchair Dancing is practiced in over 40 countries around the world.

In competitions, three different types of events are conducted, which are, Combi - a pair with one in wheelchair and a standing partner, Duo - a pair with both dancers in wheelchairs, and Formation - an event in which four, six, or eight pairs of dancers perform a formation.

The teams are required to perform two types of dances, a standard dance like tango, waltz, Viennese waltz, quickstep and slow foxtrot, and a Latin American dance like cha-cha-cha, samba, paso doble, rumba  and jive.

Participants are classified into two categories based on the level of disabilities, which are named as LWD 1 and LWD 2.

The highest level competition for the sport is the World Championship event that is held every two years. There is also an European Championship conducted for the sport bi-annually.


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