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Discus Throw

Discus or discus throw, is a track and field event. In this event, the athlete will attempt to throw a heavy disc (called a discus) as far as he/she can.

There are varying weights for international competitions. Men through age 49 will throw a 2-kilogram discus; 1.5 kilograms for 50-59-year old men’ 1 kilogram for 60 and beyond. For the women through age 74, the discus throw is around 1 kilogram, for women 75 years old; the discus is around .75 kilograms.

The discus is usually made of plastic, wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. For the athletes to make a throw, they will start in a circle of 2.5 meters in diameter. Then the athlete will spin counter clockwise around one and a half time through the circle, then the athlete can release his/her throw.

The discus must land around the 34.92-degree sector. The six key movement of discus throw are: wind up, move in rhythm, balance, right leg engine, orbit, and delivery.


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