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Golf Clubs

Golf clubs have come a long way from the simple sticks used to hot pebbles along the sand dunes of Scotland in the early days of golf. Your set of golf clubs will be a major expense, and a critical purchase to maximizing your golf performance.

Golf Club Materials

Today's sets of woods and irons have been developed using computer technology to provide durability, weight distribution, hitting distance and accuracy. They are also made using advanced materials such as titanium, graphite and zirconia.

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Club Design

There is a lot to know about the design of clubs. Do you know what you are looking for? See our guide to understanding the specifications of golf club design. Club face angle indicates if your stance is open or closed. There are other elements of the club design to know about, such as club length, head weight and the grip.

Loft Angles

You will know about golf club loft as they relate to the club numbers. It is the angle between the clubface and the line of the shaft. It influences the flight and distance of shots - a higher loft angle such as with your wedge will result in a high trajectory and lots of backspin, low loft clubs fly flatter. There is no standard loft angle for the different golf clubs in your bag. Here are some general loft angle ranges for the different clubs.

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