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The Golf Ball

Golf balls possess unique characteristics that impact their performance on the course. Understanding these unique characteristics helps golfers choose the right ball for their swing speed, playing style, and course conditions, optimizing their performance on the course.

golf ball golf balls come in many different flavors

The Dimples on Golf Balls

The most distinguishing feature of a golf ball is the dimples. A modern golf ball is covered with hundreds of dimples, which are designed to reduce air resistance and enhance the ball's aerodynamics, allowing it to travel farther and more accurately (See the physics of golf). Golf balls have not always had dimples, the original smooth balls were quickly found to travel further once the surface was worn, which led to players purposely roughing up the surface creating a dimple-like surface (See the history of the golf ball).

What Are Golf Balls Made Of?

The material used can affect the durability, spin, and control of the golf ball. There is a large variety of golf balls available.

The covering material of golf balls is typically either urethane or Surlyn. Urethane covers offer better spin and control, favored by skilled golfers, while Surlyn covers are more durable and suited for distance and forgiveness.

Golf balls can have multiple layers, each influencing performance. Dual or multi-layer balls provide a balance of distance, spin control, and feel, catering to various player preferences and skill levels. The weight distribution within a golf ball is also important. The weight distribution impacts its trajectory and spin rate. Balls with different core designs and mantle layers influence ball flight and performance characteristics.

The materials used for the golf ball production have different compression ratings, impacting their feel and responsiveness. Low compression balls offer softer feel and are suitable for slower swing speeds, while high compression balls suit faster swing speeds for more distance.

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