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Equipment Required for Cycling

Here are the basic pieces of equipment needed for a competitive cyclist. The actual equipment needed may vary depending on the level of competition, the type of terrain, and the preferences of the cyclist.

cycling equipment having the right cycling equipment can make a big difference

The Bicycle

The shape and geometry of the frame, handlebars, and wheels of a modern specialized racing bicycle are designed to minimize wind resistance and increase speed. The handlebars are designed to allow for multiple hand positions to improve rider comfort and optimize power output. The saddle is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and provide stability for the rider.

It will have a lightweight frame typically made from materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium to reduce weight and improve speed and handling. The wheels too are lightweight and aerodynamic to reduce the rotating mass of the bike and improve riding speed.

Competition bicycles typically have narrow tires with high air pressure for reduced rolling resistance and improved speed. There are multiple gears to enable the rider to maintain an efficient cadence and speed on different terrains.

Not everyone wants a bike for competitive racing. There area range of bicycles for the non-competitive and social rider, and the range of features for these bikes is huge. See our discussion of the features for e-bikes too.

What to Wear


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