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Greatest 2013 Sporting Highlights

The major sporting highlight of 2013 that everyone is talking about is one of the greatest ever sporting comebacks, in the America's Cup sailing race held in San Francisco. The US Oracle Team came back from being 1-8 down to win 9-8 against Team New Zealand.

Tennis player Andy Murray finally won the big one, becoming the first male British-born tennis player to win Wimbledon. There was an Ashes doubleheader - with England dominating at home, and the fortunes reversing with Australia dominating in their home series.

Other highlights include LeBron James scoring 37 points to lead Miami to victory in Game 7 of the NBA finals, and Mo Farah's double gold in the 5000m and 10000m at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow.

Here are those five highlights listed, which one do you think is the greatest highlight?

What was your sporting highlight for 2013?

Oracle Team America's Cup comeback
LeBron James leading Miami to victory in the NBA finals
Andy Murray the first male British-born player to win Wimbledon
Mo Farah's double gold in the 5000m/10000m at the World Championships
Ashes doubleheader

Disclaimer: These polls are not scientific, and only reflect the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.

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