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Hi, thanks for your interest in rating the factors of success in sports. We have polls on many sports asking visitors for their opinion of what are the most important factors of success in a range of sports. We have had these polls online for quite a while, and it has become obvious that the opinion of the regular site visitors (while valuable) may not be an accurate reflection of the true demands of the sport, and be quite different from the views of those more closely associated with the demands of a particular sport.

If you believe that you have a good knowledge of a sport, including the physical and other demands, I am interested to know your opinion. Please fill in the form below. After you have submitted the form, you are welcome to come back and rate another sport if you have the required expertise. Any questions please ask.

For more information on this rating system, see: rating the factors of success in sports.

Factors of Success - Your Expert Opinion

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Body Size and Composition Body size includes height, lengths and girths. Composition refers to the distribution of muscle and fat in the body.
Aerobic Endurance also known as cardiovascular fitness and stamina, is the ability to exercise continuously for extended periods without tiring
Strength & Power Strength is the ability to exert a maximal force, and Power is to do this in as short a time as possible, as in accelerating, jumping and throwing implements.
Speed / Quickness the ability to move quickly across the ground or move limbs rapidly to grab or throw
Flexibility the capacity of a joint to move through its full range of motion, which is important for execution of the techniques of sports
Agility the ability to quickly change body position or direction of the body
Balance & Coordination the ability to stay upright or stay in control of body movement is an important component of many sports skills
Reaction Time the ability to respond quickly to a stimulus
Analytic & Tactical Ability the ability of the mental system to evaluate and react to strategic situations (tactical ability)
Motivation & Self Confidence a motivated and focused athlete, with a level of belief in themselves, often seen as arrogance in athletes
Coping with Pressure Situations the ability to stay focused and perform up to expectations while under increasing pressure, and under changing conditions
Skill and Technique the specific skill set and technique required to be successful in a particular sport.

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Thank you for your input. The votes and opinions of experts will be placed alongside those of the visitors and will become a valuable online resource.

Disclaimer: These polls are not scientific, and only reflect the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.

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