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Best Birthday Gifts For Sports-Mad Loved Ones

Buying gifts for people we care about can be a little tricky. We obviously want to get the people we love a gift they’ll treasure and genuinely appreciate, but some people can be challenging to shop for. The key to picking a relevant gift is to know what your loved one likes - and for many people, that’s sports. 

So, whether a birthday is looming or you’re just searching for the perfect Christmas gift, here are a few ideas on great gifts for somebody who loves sports. 

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Best Gifts For Sports Fans 

So, you know that your loved one is a fan of sports. You even know what sports they like, and the specific team they support. Now what? Here are a few ideas that are sure-fire winners with virtually all sports fans. 

Events tickets 

Buying your loved one a ticket to the next match or sports show is a great way to get yourself into their good books forever. This sort of gift doesn’t take too much work and thought - you just need to find out when the next match or show will be, and then buy tickets. 

However, this can be an expensive gift - event tickets aren’t cheap! However, if you’re looking for a special gift, this is more than just a present - you’re buying your loved one an experience and what is sure to be a fantastic memory. 

Sports equipment 

If your beloved sports fan enjoys playing their sport, buying equipment for them to use can be a very practical gift. It’s a good idea to do your research before you buy - make sure the equipment is something your loved one is actually going to use. 

Memorabilia and Collectibles 

For particularly nostalgic sports fans, memorabilia and collectible items can be a great choice. However, not all sports fans are fans of collecting things. Have a look around your loved one’s house and see if you can spot any collectibles that you could add to. 


When in doubt, buy a t-shirt. Buying clothes as gifts can be tricky - clothes in the wrong size are completely useless and quite annoying - but t-shirts are usually a safe bet. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and tend to fit most people with a comfortable margin. 

However, for your sports fan, you’ll want to buy more than just a plain old t-shirt. Especially if your loved one is a fan of playing the sport and working out, funny workout t-shirts and themed shirts are sure to get a laugh. T-shirts can be a great “bulking” gift if you want to add in a few last-minute, funny gifts. 

Still trying to decide what to choose?

If you still can’t find the perfect gift for your loved one, try asking friends or family for advice. Some people even cut out the guesswork and just ask their loved ones what they’d like. While this does take away from the element of surprise, it means that you’re definitely going to get your loved one a present they truly want.

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