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Sports Institute Northern Ireland

Sports Institute Northern Ireland was established in 2002 as the focal point of sporting activity in Northern Ireland. It is a top performance sporting institution for the emerging sportsmen. SINI specializes in offering high level training to Northern Ireland’s top sportsmen. It coaches the athletes for many different platforms ranging from Olympic and Paralympic to Commonwealth Games.

This top class institute is responsible for offering support to different indigenous sports in Northern Ireland. That include rugby, soccer and cricket. Other sports patronized by the Sports Institute Northern Ireland include GAA, golf and motor sports.  SINI is developed by the joint collaboration between Sport Northern Ireland and the University of Ulster. It has close affiliation with the University of Ulster.

Refining athlete performance is our top expertise. The team of our practitioners collaborate with the coaches and athletes in part of their top class performance program. Our highly disciplined staff works with the players in the teams at both an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary level.

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