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Derbyshire Institute of Sport

The Derbyshire Institute of Sport is an exceptional institute for fellow sports men and women that is developed according to the designs and standards of London 2012. Its style is specifically focused on Derbyshire.
The top class coaches at DIS are appointed to train exceptional athletes from the region to make them better performers on the national and international level. That can easily be portrayed as an accolade to improve the significance of Derby and Derbyshire.

Derbyshire has been responsible for producing elite athletes who have been successful on national and international level. They have shown performances that are unparalleled to athletes in different parts of the world.

There have been numerous victories by our athletes in European and Commonwealth games. They have showed extraordinary sportsmanship at Olympic level. Their potential and capability is unmatched.

The Derbyshire institute of Sport has been working to develop top athletes ever since its inception. We believe in providing the best system to the sportsmen and sportswomen who can later become the top athletes in the UK.

The Derbyshire institute of Sport is affiliated with Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council. It is also patronized by University of Derby.

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