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xrayMoving Skeletons: There is a really cool video below of a human skeleton performing yoga poses. When I was checking out that, I came across a couple of other pages : bizarre medical x-rays that only pose further questions about the story behind the images. 

Are You Fit?: Topend Sports has the most comprehensive listing of fitness tests for sports, but sometimes you want to just answer the simple question - are you fit? Here are four simple tests of mobility that will answer that question for people of any age. Can you squat? Can you lie down and stand up? Can you tie your shoe laces without support? Can you pick up a pen? from an article in The Hindu - no longer working).

On Topend Sports: What are the Fittest Sports?

On, the page that generates the most discussion is about the world's fittest sports. The extensive list by ESPN has boxing as the most demanding, but a large number of commenters think that motocross should be up there. In actual fact motocross is not even listed in the list of 60 sports! The list has been criticized for its North American bias, I think sports from elsewhere in the world such as Australian Football and Hurling should also be high on the list. 

boxing match in a ring boxing match

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