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Topend Sports News Alert #5

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Welcome to another newsletter from Topend Sports. It is a bit light on this time as I am currently on vacation.

Around the Web:

Running a Sub 2-hr marathon: There is only one website I want to highlight this week. It was not just the content that is impressive, but the design and presentation of the facts that make it very enjoyable reading. I highly recommend that you have a look at the article "What will it take to run a 2 hour marathon" by Runner's World. (link no longer working)

Video: Recruiting USA athletes for the AFL

The last newsletter had information about the Aussie Rules combine testing, which included an athlete from the US who won the vertical jump event. Here is a recruitment video made by the AFL to entice college athletes from the US to come down under and play Aussie Rules, doing a good job at the hard sell of the sport. 


On Topend Sports: World Games

Some of the most important events on the sporting calendar are multi-sport competitions, including the most popular the Olympic Games. I was surprised how many of these multi-sport events there are. There are events I never knew existed, such as the Lusophony Games for athletes from Portuguese speaking countries and the World Combat Games focusing on martial arts and combat sports. There are many more on our large list of major multi-sport events.

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