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Fitness Testing Newsletter: Beep Test Software

Hi and welcome to the April 2009 fitness testing newsletter about a new fitness testing software application.

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Beep Test Options

The beep test was originally available only on audio tape, but now is predominantly supplied on cd or downloaded as an audio file. Now there is another option, to run the test directly from your computer, using the Team Beep Test software. There are many advantages of doing so.

Team Beep Features

The Team Beep Test software is all you will need for conducting, recording and presenting results of the beep test (or bleep test if you are from the UK), all a similar price of just the Beep Test cd.

Running the test on your computer provides real-time on-screen representation of the current level and VO2max, and enables the results to be saved directly onto your PC or Laptop in real-time, avoiding manually entering the data at a later time. The software provides many additional useful features for a sports team; you can add and edit team member details, during the test there are player buttons which provide one click recording of results, and team/season fitness results charting.

As a coach, you can modify the test parameters so that you can design you own fitness test or it can be used as a training tool. This can be useful for creating intermittent recovery type fitness tests (such as the yo-yo test) or combining an activity with fitness testing or conditioning. Simple commands such as Start, Run, Rest and Repeat can be modified to create all types of beep type tests. For added flexibility the lap distance and running speeds can also be adjusted for different sports and has even been adapted for swimming. If required, the computer bleep test audio can be easily recorded in any format for CD/MP3 playback.

Need More Info?

To see more information about the software, including screen shots, go to:

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