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Fitness Testing Newsletter: Buying Equipment on eBay

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 Where to Buy

The beep test  (also known as the Multistage Fitness (MSFT), Bleep & Yo-Yo Endurance test) is one of the most commonly conducted fitness tests. Topendsports has for a long time provided a list of places to buy online where you can purchase the test. This page has been recently updated. In addition, the test is also available in many places through eBay. Purchasing products on eBay may be daunting for some people, so for those not familiar with the process, here are some tips.

What is Available

There are many versions of the beep test around, so when you are buying a cd (or tape) make sure you are getting what you need. The beep test usually comes on a cd with full instructions recorded on the cd preceding the actual test, extra tracks suitable for training, a booklet with instructions and norm values, and some sort of guarantee. When you buy on eBay you may not be getting all these, if any. The quality may not be up to scratch and the product may be pirated. While being cheap, you may still get a product that does the job you are after. Some simply have a digital mp3 download of the test available.

How to Get it

There are regional eBay sites around the world. When you search on the site it will list any local sellers of the test, and the product will be available in your local currency. If nothing is available, there may be some international sellers listed. Once you are at the eBay website, searching for other terms such as fitness test, bleep, shuttle run etc., or more importantly searching using the local language, may result in more available products. Although these products are available in specific countries, most of them will post to your location wherever you are.


In order to make a bid on a product, you will need to register with eBay. Once you are registered and logged in, you are free to make a bid on anything you wish. Remember that any bid is binding. Once you have made a bid, you usually receive a daily email of items you are bidding on and their progress. You can also put the product on a 'watch list' and they will also keep you up to date on how that auction is going. On some products, there is a 'buy it now' price, so you can bypass the auction process and buy it immediately at that price. If the product will be listed on eBay Stores, then it will be listed at a set price. Happy bidding.


You will need to look at each item's listing to determine if they ship to your destination, and what the cost will be. This can vary greatly. What may seem like a bargain may actually work out more once you factor in the cost of postage. If you are unsure, you can ask the seller a question.

Can I trust them?

Generally you can. Under the Seller Details heading, there will be a link so that you can ask the seller a question. You should also look at the seller's feedback. Most purchasers will leave feedback and will say if the product or service was not up to scratch. If you pay through PayPal you may also be covered under the PayPal Buyer Protection Policy which will assist with resolving any disputes between the seller and buyer.

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Fitness testing news and latest information, including notification of updates to the ultimate source of all fitness testing information - 'Rob's Home of Fitness Testing'. Topics covered include methods for measuring body fat, shuttle run beep test issues, strength and power testing and much more.


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