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Fitness Testing Newsletter: 8 June 2007

Hi and welcome to another fitness testing newsletter.

In this issue:
Testing in the heat
New Test Description: 3-cone drill
New to the site
About this Newsletter

Testing in the Heat

With summer arriving in many parts of the world (though unfortunately not where I am), you should be considering the effect of  environmental conditions on test results. If you conduct fitness  tests outdoors, you should be aware of the WBGT index. The WBGT is  composed of three elements Tw, Tg, and Ta which are combined into a  weighted average to produce the WBGT. Using WBGT, you are able to  quantify the effective heat load on the subjects. Environmental  conditions should be controlled where possible, but if not you should  always record the environmental conditions accurately with the test  results to aid in the interpretation.

The Equation:

WBGT = (0.7 × Tw) + (0.2 × Tg) + (0.1 × Ta)

The natural wet-bulb temperature (Tw), consists of a thermometer with  its bulb covered with a wettened cotton wick supplied with distilled  water from a reservoir. The cotton wick will always be wet, allowing  continuous evaporative cooling of the thermometer's bulb, simulating  the evaporation of sweat. The natural wet-bulb thermometer, like the  black globe thermometer is not shielded from wind or radiation. This  thermometer represents the integrated effect of humidity, wind and  radiation. The black globe temperature (Tg), usually consists of a  150 mm (6 inch) black globe with a thermometer located at the center.  The black globe temperature represents the integrated effects of  radiation and wind. The (shade) air temperature (Ta), consists of a  thermometer shielded from radiation - generally by being placed in a  weather screen. It is the standard temperature normally quoted in  weather observations and forecasts.

3-cone drill

The three cone drill is one of the tests used in the NFL (American  National Football League) combine scouting testing regime. It is a  test of agility, where the players have to run around three marker  cones that are placed to form an "L.", with cones at the corner and  at each end, 5 yards apart. For more details see

For more on the tests that the NFL prospects have to undergo, see

New to the site

As always the Fitness testing website is evolving. Latest additions  are NFL tests: 3-Cone Drill, 60 yard & 20 Yard Shuttle, drug testing,  Leg Strength, 800m Run, Back Strength, Ab Strength (4 Level),  Medicine Ball Throw Tests, Quadrant Jump Agility Test, Henman Shuttle  Anaerobic Test, Glucose Tolerance Test, Body density information and  equations, Ideal Height & Weight Graph, More body composition  methods: Near Infrared Interactance, TBK, BodPod, TBP, TOBEC, MRI, 
CT Scan. 

for details see

About this Newsletter

This letter is for the current Fitness testing news and latest  information, including notification of updates to the ultimate source  of all fitness testing information, 'Topendsports'. Topics covered  include methods for measuring body fat, shuttle run beep test issues, strength and power testing and much much more.

Thank you for your support of my site.

Rob Wood, Rob's Home of Fitness Testing

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