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Fitness Testing Newsletter: 12 July 2001

WELCOME to another fitness testing newsletter.

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In this newsletter:
Methods for weight loss - a discussion on the poll results
New on the site - more sport-specific testing protocols and a new quiz


The poll question was 'What is the most effective method for weight  loss?'. This is a reasonable question to ask. The poll answer choices  were a little bit tongue in cheek, though it certainly made a few  people think about this topic. The choices were: exercise, dieting,  amputation, liposuction, and dehydration. Some of these could be  considered quite effective, though not always practical. Probably the  most correct answer, which was not even an option, is a sensible  combination of both dieting and exercise. Based on votes, the clear  winner of the poll was exercise. Fortunately many saw the humour in  the question and answered the most correct answer to the most  effective way of reducing body weight fast - amputation.

See the poll and comments


Since you last visited this site, there most likely has been several changes. The changes are made on a irregular basis, as this site is just a hobby of mine. If you are doing a search for fitness testing,  you may notice that many search engines are still pointing to the old  URL of this site. 


To complement my list of fitness tests, I have compiled and added some discussion about the appropriate tests to be performed for specific sports. I have recently added the sport of Soccer (football)  to Golf, Tenpin Bowling, Field Hockey, Tennis. See the list here.

Thank you for your support of my site.

Rob Wood, Rob's Home of Fitness Testing

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