Basketball Funny Sporting Quotes

Here is my top 10 list of favorite funny sporting quotes from the sport of Basketball.

  1. "I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to."Shaquille O'Neal, in response when asked by a reporter whether he visited the Parthenon in his trip to Greece.
  2. "He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces." Basketball analyst
  3. "All I know about Angola is Angola's in trouble." Charles Barkley, when playing for the American "Dream Team" the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, he was asked what he thought about their first round opponent Angola. His words rang true as the U.S.A. trounced Angola 116-48.
  4. I hate it. It looks like a stickup at 7-Eleven. Five guys standing there with their hands in the air.  Norm Sloan, on zone defense
  5. They make a lot of money, but they spend a lot of money." Patrick Ewing, the leader of the NBA Players Union, stating one of the reasons why the players had to strike in 1988.
  6. Any American boy can be a basketball star if he grows up, up, up.  Bill Vaughn
  7. "These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it." Charles Barkley
  8. We have a great bunch of outside shooters.  Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors.  Weldon Drew
  9. "We can't win at home. We can't win on the road. As general manager, I just can't figure out where else to play." Pat Williams, Orlando Magic general manager, on his team's 7-27 record in 1992
  10. If you make every game a life and death proposition, you're going to have problems. For one thing, you'll be dead a lot. Dean Smith

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