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Here is just a selection of the positive feedback this site has received.

"Love the site. Have for a long time. Obscure sports have been a fascination of mine for ages. I have a copy of UNESCO's World Encyclopedia of Sport, but that was published in '03. I think since that time you've become the authority on it. In any case, thank you for putting this site together. Thank you! (from Garage Friend, Dec 2022)

"Dear Rob, I am glad to inform you that our team have got a B+ grade in our bowling S&C group project. Without your helping hand, we may not achieve such satisfied result. Once again, appreciate your help. (from Philemon, March 2022)

"Hi Rob & Clare: Your website should be viewed by parents and organizations around the world for at least ideas to keep active through a pandemic. If I can find an organization that gives awards for best websites, I'd like to nominate yours if ok with you. There is enough information for society to create sports for play during pandemics. I found your sight after I created a sport and saw a sport similar but merging could create something helpful to society."
(from Don, USA, 14 Dec 2021)

"I wanted to thank you so much for building this website and having a database of resources. I have been finding it so helpful. I purchased your Bleep test package and it is excellent! " (from Lachlan McIntyre, 10 Aug 2021)

"Firstly, I love this platform. It really helps keep me on top of everything sport, especially with all the postponements. Keep it up!" (from Lachlan McIntyre, 10 Aug 2021)

"I agree. The institution where i`m currently studying pretty much only suggests Topend Sports...simple and yet informative. Thank you!" (Allen Cuttler, 8 May 2020)

"Thank you so much for always sharing relevant and science and research based information in your website. I'm a loyal follower. Hope to see more of your articles. May God bless you and keep safe always." (Rio Mojica, May 8, 2020)

Guide to Australia at Major Sporting Events helps me get to my favorite Australian events, thanks to ''Topendsports'' (Redwanul Islam Roni, May 3, 2020)

"I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled on your website and your fitness assessment while looking for some type of standardized way to assess fitness in adults ... Anyway, I wanted to thank you for creating this assessment. I have not been able to find anything comparable anywhere, and I have spent a lot of time and energy looking!" (from Leanne Trompeter, OTRL, August 2019)

"Great website with loads of useful content! I have found to be very informative and always accurate. I especially enjoy their player profiles in the tennis section. Dear editors, keep up the great work! Yours, Sophia H." (June 2019)

Hay rob im a big fan keep up the good work :) - Erik Chen 10 Aug 2018

Topend Sports, you are guys are exceptionally fantastic. Already hugely enlightened about physical fitness. Thanks! (Tayo Adefemi, July 2017)

I just wanted to say thank you for this excellent website! As a student of Cert 3 in Fitness, currently developing a case study on Special Populations, your fitness tests have proved invaluable as I look to develop a per-screening system for my participants. Thanks again for your invaluable resources! (Rhys Evans, March 2017)

Thanks for all the content, one of the most useful websites I've come across. Thanks, Anthony Harley - Lifestyle Advisor (November 2016)

Thanke you Rob for your grate site i am a P.E. teacher and i'm using your site a lot it helps me very much (שי ארז, June 2016)

Hi Rob I'm a local PE teacher here in Perth and I am very grateful for this website. It's a very useful resource for both myself and my students. Cheers, Johann Schroeder (February 2016)

Hello Rob, First, i don't speak English so well. I'm from Brasil and I study Phisical Education. Congratulations by the page, is very helpful to us students. P.S.: sorry by the wrong language. Amanda (July 2015)

Hi Rob, Love your extensive knowledge of sports and testing. I've found this information incredibly invaluable, James Siebert. (July 2015)

Hi Rob, Just wanted to say your site is fantastic, I particularity like where you had the best of AFL draft camp results. I know the information would be a lot harder to find .... Thanks again Rob, love just browsing the site Andrew. (June 2015)

Wow, this is a great website. Thanks for putting it together and maintaining it. Many Thanks, Matt (May 2015)

Hi there... I just want to congratulate you guys on a awesome site that has changed the way a lot of people think about sport. (Didier Nigrini, April 2015)

Rob, Just want to reach out and say thank you for the site and the blogs! Your site is my go to for testing protocol for my athletes! (Sean Solon, Athlete Development Coach Hardcore Athletics, March 2015)

Thanks a lot for your info. Much appreciated. Many thanks (from Alan, Mar 2015)

great help :) i am doing an assigment about fitness tests and component of fitness and this website helped me a lot :) (from Ricardo, Feb 2015)

Mate you have some awesome tips here. Thanks for taking the time to collate all this information. I hope you are chasing your dreams and helping people in real life - i'm tipping you're doing that! I would be happy to pay some money every year for a subscription to your site, maybe $20 or something (i'm not loaded but the info on your site is valuable and genuine) All the best from Melbourne Australia! (from AJ, Jan 2015)

Hi, I work as a lecturer for a private college called eta (sports and fitness college). We constantly use your website and encourage the students to do the same. Thanks for all the hard work, no other websites have as many fitness norms as you provide! (from Shaydon, Jan 2015)

"This website is actually awesome. learnt many things about many sports"  (from Prasanna, Aug 2013)

"Topendsports! Topendhelp for me. Been using your site on and off for years. It very valuable to me so ... thanks." (from Steve Young, Forever Young Fitness Ltd., Surry UK

"Thank you so much for developing this website. It has been a huge help to me and still is as I continue my education in the field of exercise science." (from Ricky Perry, Jan 2013)

"this website was a great a help and is very informational :)" (from leah, Jan 2013)

" Great resource thank you to you and your wife for putting this together ... Many thanks and keep up the great work " Christopher Pettit (from physiofacebook, Nov 2012)

 " so intresting and fills you up with nolage " joseph, Nov 2012

" great website helped me alott :) " Sonya Oct 2012

" Well done on supplying the general public with such a resource " D. Hines. Lecturer in Sports Science. Aug 2012

"Top End Sports ... makes it super easy to find whichever tidbit you wanted to know about the Olympics" The Good Web Guide UK, July 2012.

"Love your web site, I will direct my students to it gladly. Hope you build those 20 homes in Napal." ken (July 2012)

"hi cool website good info keep it up" (anonymous, July 2012)
"Hi Rob. Great website, used it many times with my students, it is certainly one of their favorites." (from Scott in the UK, June 2012)
"Dear Rob, I want to express my admiration of your website, and also thanking you for all this valuable information." (from Yousef, June 2012)
"your website got me an A+" (May 2012)
"I would just like to say first of all your website is phenomenal and well done for the work you and whom involved has put into it." (from: Daniel Murray, April 2012)
"Dear sir, first, i would like to say u thanx for ur great job in the area sports n physical fitness. This is my first visit to your site n i liked it very much." (from TARAK LAKHANCHANDRA DAS, April 2012)
"Hello and thank you for such an informative site!"  from Alex, Feb 2012

"love this because it tells me all the stuff i need for my stuff" from alisha begum, Feb 2012

"I appreciate all of the information that you have posted - the research its awesome for someone like me, since I read them, practice and instruct to our vast sports men and women in our community. Continue that and thank you." from chris kuguru, Feb 2012

"hey i love the idea that you put this up because i needed a place where all of the things are so thanks!" from korrie, Dec 2011

"I and my students benefit from your site each week. Thats why we thank you and your colleaques. Best Regards AYSEL PEHLİVAN" Dec 2011

"Great sight. It really helped me on my Health Project! Thank you" from Ishta, Nov 2011

"Hi Rob, First, what a great website. Thank you for putting all this work into it. I find your section to be thorough and easy to follow. " from Wendy Van Belle of Gifted Education Centre-One Day School, Oct 2011

"Thanks again for all your help, your website is an invaluable tool for me as a Personal Trainer and I thank you so much for all the time you put in. Regards Danielle Conn (Certified Personal Trainer)" (Oct 2011)

" You have a fantastic website. I wanted to let you know I am going to share it with our Sports Medicine teachers and students. Thank you! Robin Garland, CTE/ROP Medical Resource Teacher Chula Vista, Ca " (May 2011)

"Thank you for this info, it has helped me in my physical education studies assignment question. :), Leah Jane" (March 2011)

"Very useful website for sports persons, Ramesh Kumar Nagarethinam" (Feb 2011)

"Hi, I've been using your site for a while now and find it really helpful in my research for my degree. Ryan Morgan" (Nov 2010)

"I am a big fan of your page. Thanks for your time and effort in making lots of really great information so readily available to personal trainers and others. Samantha" (Nov 2010)

"Hi Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I love your website.  I am currently studying the Dip. Sport & Rec at Sunshine Coast TAFE in Qld and refer to it often as it is full of useful and relevent information. So thanks for your support! Cheers Ally Smerdon" (Oct 2010)

"Thankyou, a really useful guide and recording sheet. Very Professional service provided, have recommended site to many fitness instructors/colleagues. Kind Regards Janet Kosovac" (Sep 2010)

"Great website. It gave me the information to help me on my first high school fitness testing. Thanks to your help, I got 10 on the beep test and 244cm on the broad jump! I can't wait for the next fitness testing to show everyone how much better I got from my great first year results! Thanks man" - Julian (Aug 2010)

"Incredible site - well done Rob" . Karin Mary (June 2010)

"Rob, This site is by far the best and most professional I have seen and importantly for some, it is free. The information has been very useful in establishing testing protocols and in particular the AFL draft camp info was first class. Thanks and keep up the great work. Regards, Ed Gallagher (" (May 2010)

"Rob, excellent site. I used your site to quickly get to some useful info on major events and their timing for one of our clients. Nice job. "
(Jeff, Sr. Vice President Van Wagner Sports Group, April 2010)

Love your site!  I am a student, M.S. Exercise Science and I do not often find a fitness related site that is as solid as yours.  A few things I am studying you have organized well on your site.  I really like the fitness testing area, you did alot of work and I personally want to say "Thank you for being so kind as to share this kind of information."
(Nicole, April 2010)

Man, I just like your web site it is so helpful everything one needs for exercise testing and biomechanics is found ... Thanks and work more hard.
Samuel (Feb 2010)

"Thank you for a fantastic homepage. It has given me lots of ideas for and info about testing! As a teacher of fitness I am writing teaching materials and am referring to your page a lot."
(Marina, Master of Fitness and Exercise, Denmark, Feb 2010)

"What a wonderful web site you have!! Fantastic links and loads of information. I am truly impressed, what a resource.! You should be charging a membership fee!" Greg Jones (Jan 2010)

"Hi rob, ... I'd like to say your website is the best site on the net by miles. I've had loads of tips from it. Adrian" (Dec 2009)

"thankyou for all your help with my GCSE coursework! All your tests really helped!, Rosie" (Oct 2009)

"I just came across your site and looked through your extensive testing protocols. Being a certified S&C coach I was extremely impressed with the amount of quality testing protocols you have covered, and free to the general public. What a great service you have supplied!!! Well Done" (Lee Brown MSc, June 2009).

"I'm a physicist who has recently made the switch to sports science, and ... have just discovered your site - and it's awesome!! ... I just wanted to say a big THANKS for providing this excellent resource, which I've passed on to a colleague. Cheers, Jenny" (March 2009)

"I stumbled across your website by accident while searching for information for a VO2max - Beep test correlation calculator. I am delighted to find a website with many fitness testing protocols. Your site is wonderful! Thanks for making it! Yimian" (Feb 2009)

I am currently finishing my final unit of the Masters of Exercise Science at ECU in Perth and have stumbled across your fantastic website! Great, easy to digest information for a wide audience range. Robert Jackson

"I am following a sports related distance learning course in England and have found your website to be invaluable as a research tool towards my assessments. Your site seems to encompass all sports testing under the one "roof." I wish I had found it earlier in the course! I have learned a lot from just surfing through your pages, so thank you for all the efforts you have put into this website" Andy, Leicester, England (Sept 2005)

Great site. Keep up the good work.

Your site is fantastic! I have a daughter doing yr12 PE and she has just done many of the tests and she gave me the web address.

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